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Custom Event Design

I am very excited about the personal and collective growth that is possible for people of European descent when they combine aspects of mindfulness and awareness of the woundings and gifts of our cultural experience into cultivating resilience for these tumultuous times. I enjoy the creative possibilities that lie in co-designing a program for a particular audience. 

The classes and workshops below can be custom designed for your community or organization.  They are informed by the teachings of Engaged Buddhism, Ancient European-American Wisdom principles, Environmental Psychology, the Cultural Wellness Center, Deep Ecology, the Divine Feminine, and teachers who include Chris Bache, Christina Donnell, Elder Atum Azzahir, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Huebl, Joanna Macy, Starhawk and countless others whom I have met along the path.

"These workshops feed my need to belong to the longing that animates existence. We are surrounded with stories of broken bodies, besieged minds, constant conflicts, fallen forests, and species that have made their final bow upon the darkening stage of existence. We are taught to fear such forms of personal and planetary pain. Opening to sorrow in the safety of these workshops has reminded me that love lurks beneath loss. Our longing for a more beautiful future is a testament to our irrevocable belonging. "

                                                 Bernadette Miller

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