Mindfulness for Changing Times


to a fertile garden of mindfulness meditation and sage teachings for your personal growth, the evolution of consciousness and the wellbeing of our beloved planet.

  1. One to One Guidance: Assist you in mindfully sensing your life’s mythic qualities.  Mirror your unique gifts and truths back to you. Attend to your relationship with suffering.  Support you as you seek to weave yourself together in a new form. Hold compelling questions with you or...

  2. Calendar: Offerings are updated frequently

  3. Macy Teachings/Open-Hearted Resiliency based on Joanna Macy’s work, empowers mindful citizen action on behalf of future beings.

  4. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: The root course is a powerful grounding in mindfulness meditation designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn fostering calm centeredness, deeper self-awareness and kindness.

  5. Evolutionary Leap: on self-care and stress reduction in the workplace and community help extend calm and compassion into our social lives.


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  1. M.S. Education, B.A. Art History

  2. Counselor and Spiritual Guide

  3. Instructor:  ANW Hospital, U of MN, Powderhorn/Phillips Cultural and Wellness Center, The Tree and the Well, two prisons...

  4. Instructor CEU course: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

  5. Adjunct Professor at the U of St Catherine’s Master’s Program in Holistic Health Studies

  6. Cofounder of Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project

  7. Specialist in Learning Differences (SLBP)

  8. Cofounder, Elda Reading & Math Center

  9. Lead Teacher:  Open Hearted Resiliency

  10. Author:  To Follow the Moon

  11. Lover of Wilderness, Myth and Metaphor

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Kaia Svien